The stories we tell and examples we show are merely illustrations of successful results using our system. They do not represent the average or expected results and there can be no guarantee that your experience will be as successful as the scenarios we illustrate.

Thus, before implementing the methods you learn from our system, you must understand that it may not work for you as there are limitless variables that are beyond your control that will affect your results.

The variables to which we refer cannot be accounted for. For instance, your personality type, background, ability to implement our system, and relevant abilities will come into play. It is simply impossible to create any sort of system that accounts for all these known (and unknown) variables.

Meeting and interacting with women is always a challenge with inherent risks, some of which cannot be known at the time of the interaction. Thus, it is important you speak to all relevant professionals – whether doctor, psychiatrist, or otherwise – in order to
ensure that implementing our system is right and safe for your particular situation and mental and physical health.

Additionally, this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You should always conduct your own due diligence and verify the information that we present you before acting upon it.Careful consideration and evaluation is paramount to ensuring that you stay mentally and physically fit throughout the process after implementing any lessons we give.

Thus, you hereby agree that Optimized Lifestyle LLC is not liable for any failures or harm caused in your pursuit of women after any attempt to implement our systems or viewing our products.